Challenging Challenges

Its fair to say that these challenges have been challenging both physically, mentally and emotionally.  The first challenge I knew what I was in for but it still didn’t make it any easier. The second was something I had never done before, never contemplated and I had never ridden more than 20 miles – and certain people will tell you what a grumpy human I used to be in doing that.

I am not going to lie the last little while has been difficult.  The long work days at my new job (which I do incidentally love) coupled with fitting in training and then the set back of the accident hasn’t helped.  It knocked my confidence more than I could really appreciate it would to be honest and I questioned whether I was really cut out for this and if I should give up.

But as I explained this in tears after the first ride since the accident, the chain having probably come off again, and every minor descent feeling like Mount Everest I was told ‘you’ll never give up, you’re too stubborn’.  Bugger, I thought, you’re right!

It is a truly horrible feeling and whilst not wanting it to get to me it did and it has and it has made training more challenging than before but has also made me more determined to try.  I force myself out at every opportunity possible (which has been very difficult at times) whilst also trying to allow myself time to rest, sleep, eat and maybe even have a social life.

I wanted to do these challenges for me and I have but I admit I will be glad when they are over and I can relax knowing what I have achieved on a personal level if nothing else.  I am looking forward to the feeling of knowing I don’t need to train so intensely and not panicking when for many reasons that is not always possible to do.  I may even take a few days off in celebration.

I have been truly blown away again by the support of everyone to me but also to MRKH Connect. If you were still interested in donating the page is still open ( and will remain so until after the challenge which is now only 2-3 weeks away – weather will determine the exact date!

I am fitter than I have ever been (and yes I know I said that last year) and the main reason for doing this has always been to raise awareness of MRKH.  Perhaps this year it’s more been about me and my own courage which hasn’t been intentional but I hope what it shows is never to give up.  Dreams and aspirations come in many different forms and we often have more than one.  Find out what yours is and work towards it.  You are always capable of more than you think if you let yourself believe you can do it but also give yourself a chance to try.

Love and hugs



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