This is for me

I spent a number of years complaining about bikes in the house, fixing bikes in the house the clutter that bikes cause in the house and now I am one of those people.  My main bike lives in my hallway mainly tucked away but with the training ive been doing things have got a lot more chaotic and my house isn’t very big.

On the plus side though I have learnt a lot about cycling, bikes and the frustrations of long(er) distance cycling.


  • learnt how to change a tyre
  • learnt padded shorts are the ugliest thing ever but my god are they essential
  • had to re-affix chains going up hill
  • found out going down hill my back brake wasn’t working
  • found out going down hill my front brake wasn’t working and ended up in a hedge
  • been stung by numerous stinging nettles
  • nearly ended up in the river wey
  • joined the London to Brighton cycle (accidentally…as it was on my route)
  • got cycle rage against some truly awful drivers
  • learnt I definitely still hate hills.

Since the training started in earnest I have cycled 251.8 miles in addition to this I have turbo trained (so boring!) run and done aerobics. Now that may seem impressive (I am pretty proud of myself I must say) but then I need to remind Screenshot_20170701-123915

myself that I will be cycling 55% of that distance in <24 hours and not the 4 weeks its taken to get to that level.  Bugger.

Today I took on my longest cycle as I start to ramp things up.  35 miles of variable route around where I live.  It was hilly…well undulating…and certainly challenging.

I have really found that cycling is a great focus for the mind and despite how much the body is screaming at me at times its peaceful and gives me time to think.  Its amazing the power of the mind when you put it to work.

I am determined to do this but I am really learning how difficult this challenge is. Walking wasn’t easy it really wasn’t but holy crap cycling is hard and exhausting.

I am doing this for me to prove myself I can do whatever I put my mind to

Here’s hoping I don’t let myself down!



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