#thisgirlcan ….and will


So tomorrow sees me taking on the 100km again this time solo and this time with the focus of doing it in <24hours.  I have trained and trained and blistered my foot and trained more and I am as ready as I will ever be but at least this year I know what I am in for.

In fact the weather will be similar if not a little hotter (yay…) than last year and apart from a change in shoes everything else will be the same down to wearing the offensive yellow gym leggings again and the same multi sock combination I was mildly mocked for last year but which worked and therefore will be repeated.

The peanuts are ready (bought an extra big bag this time) the cheese and marmite sarnies will be made later today (thanks for the emergency supply dad!) and the stack of blister plasters, pain killers, sun cream, allergy tablets, hydrocortisone cream (for the inevitable heat rash) are ready.  All that is left is to finalise and diversify my currently very Justin Bieber heavy play list and wake up tomorrow for my 7am start in Richmond. IMG_20170520_110711_066[2216]

I am currently in a state of mixed excitement and mild terror, the anticipation of walking that kind of distance again in one go is something you cant comprehend, its all about focusing on those check points every 12-15km but the overwhelming feeling is that I can’t wait to start and just want to get going.

Remembering why I am doing this, firstly for me, to prove I can do it and how far I have come and secondly to raise awareness for such a great cause that I am now completely honoured to be a part of more formally.  I am walking for all us girls, whatever stage we are at, to raise awareness for our condition and improve the care we get by doing so.  I am also walking for anyone who can relate to MRKH in some way but may not have the voice to share their thoughts, removing the taboo in discussing and making people aware of the various fertility issues people face is another important reason for doing this.

I’ll be live tracked via facebook/L2b website but will also be posting mainly on Instagram/twitter so follow me

@charlieabishop (Insta)

@charliebishop84 (twitter)


Last and by no means least I want to thank everyone for their generosity in support of me and also MRKH connect, if I haven’t thanked you all personally yet for your donations please note that I will do so and I am honestly very humbled that everyone has been so very generous and thoughtful again on my challenge quest.

If you are interested in sponsoring then the page will be active all the way up until the second challenge is over and you can do so here if you wish to Just Giving

The last thing that is if you guys are bored tomorrow on what is meant to be a glorious day (i mean what else would you be doing!) then feel free to drop me a text, send me a joke or little quips like my god daughter did last year, who asked why I didn’t just get a train.  Those things keep you going on what is a pretty decent test of mind over matter.

This girl can, she has before, and she will again

T-minus 19 hours until the start of Challenge 1

Bring it on!

See you on the other side 😊


Magnum, P.I. – the performance improver

When the going gets tough have a magnum… specifically one with caramel…and probably two (just to be sure).

Wise words from my new boss who regaled a story of his 100mile cycle adventure down the Thames Path from Oxford where he got lost in Feltham (not ideal).  Not knowing how to get back on track he was feeling despondent about continuing so he went into a shop and bought two magnums with caramel which he ate simultaneously.  With a clearer sugar boosted head he was able to work out where he was and continue his cycle.  They are now his go to item when things get difficult.

Everytime I think of Magnums however I think of my brother who was mugged for a Magnum (the ice cream not the gun) at a bus stop in Shepherds Bush.  The mugger snatching it off him taking one bite and then throwing it on the floor…it probably didn’t have any caramel in it.

This week has been tough as I started my new job and also had it very clear in my head that I had only 2 weeks until Challenge 1 2017…eek!

I resisted the magnums and planned a big training walk for Saturday, the last big one before the main event.

This walk was one I was approaching with some trepidation.  I haven’t widely spoken about this but I had to buy some new walking shoes a couple of months ago because my old shoes had started to come apart.  Relying on my trusty Hi-Tecs I bought the exact same shoes again hopeful in the knowledge that I never got any blisters in the old ones.

The first training walk I did in them was 15miles, yes yes I know I should have broken them in properly but I thought they would be fine.  Within a few miles I got niggly blisters on my heels, stopped to put on compeed and thought everything was ok.  It hurt a bit but just thought it was the pesky blister.  When I got back, one heel looked like this….it seems I might have a high pain threshold  20170401_161440 - Copy

I will spare you what it actually looked like but needless to say it was so bad and so big that I couldn’t wear shoes for over 2 weeks and started to worry about training (other than exercise I could do without shoes) and my ability to do this walk.

But, I reminded myself why I was doing this and how important it was to me.  I got back into training, properly broke in my shoes yet everytime I wore them I worried that I was going to get blisters, so doing a 30 mile walk on Saturday was something I was particularly concerned about.  This would be the test.

I hurriedly planned a route on Saturday morning that would take in the canal and river near where I lived albeit knowing that if I became stuck I might be a way away from a Magnum selling shop.  Regardless I had to do this walk so I got myself ready and set off.  The beautiful day turned into rain with me hiding under a tree to eat lunch but soon perked up again.  I then found that unhelpfully the walk I had planned wasn’t quite as long as I thought so I added on more to take it as close to 30 miles as I could (30 miles being basically half of the London to Brighton route).

Feet aching, but seemingly ok I dragged myself round this route racking up just under 28miles in just over 8 hours.  I was genuinely desperate for a magnum and stopped at the shop close to my house and it was only when I got home I realised I forgot to buy one!

I essentially fell in my front door so grateful to not have to walk anymore.  Taking my shoes off I was relieved to see I only had heat rash and no blisters! The new shoes are now my friends again.

I feel as ready as I am ever going to be for this walk, dry roasted peanuts, cheese and marmite sandwiches and Justin Bieber at the ready – I may even celebrate with a magnum

Thanks for all the support 😊